Best. Carrot. Cake. Ever.

Carrot cake.  I adore thee.  In all your moist, carroty deliciousness, you bring me comfort.

Okay, I realize that’s weird.  But it might also be a little bit true.  Of all the cakes in all the world, carrot cake might just be my favorite.  And I’m not one to claim favorites all that easily and lightly.  Don’t try to get me to name a favorite movie or t.v. show, or even a favorite song or book.  Ask me to choose a favorite meal?  Forget it.


Carrot cake, though?  There’s a soft spot in my heart for you.

Not just any carrot cake, though.  No sirree.  I don’t like a lot of spices, I’m not a huge fan of nuts, and it has to contain fresh carrots – not baby food puree.

I’ve been working on developing some cake recipes lately using freshly ground flour.  In particular, I’ve been trying to make a nice light white cake, which can be difficult to achieve when using whole-wheat flour and unrefined sweeteners like honey granules and sucanat.  The other day I came pretty close in the cake department, using freshly ground soft white wheat flour that had been sifted through a fine mesh sieve.  By removing the coarser bits of bran and germ, the resulting flour was much finer and lighter, yielding a light (in both color and consistency) cake.  I hated to let all that nutritive bran and germ go to waste, though, so I chose to use it in this carrot cake. You could just as easily use regular whole-wheat flour in this recipe, though.

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